1. Well I found out today I am going to be paying around 250 dollars a month for nursing school(the difference between all my loans/pell) I know it doesnt sound like a lot but I was expecting 100 dollars less

    It is a chance I will pay a tad bit less when I am repackaged in June. It just really sucks because I am already going to be in school from 8-5 everyday & now I have to find a way to get a part time job to come up with the money.

    Hubby makes pretty good money but we are ready going to be pretty straped so I am going to find something....I dont want him to have to take on a 2nd job & he would

    I applied to a 1 hour a day caregiving position for $15 I am hoping it works out because it is at night and would be pretty prefect
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  3. by   locolorenzo22
    I understand how that works, I'm paying 70 bucks a month for loan payments so far(private loan) and I'm waiting on my federal loan to come through. On the plus side, that's books and tution I don't have to come up with next semster....
  4. by   vrhodes
    What got me through in my most busiest times of school was having one shift a week as a carer overnight, I would do twelve hours, and be only epected to stay awake for 3 hours. The other 9 hours, as long as I was in the clients home I could study or do whatever.

    Could you do something like that?