Teaching plan for PCA

  1. I am working on a teaching plan for a PCA and want it to be as simple as possible. I have my goal and then was going to use : Instruct patient on medication used in PCA.
    Instuct patient on proper use of PCA.
    Discuss with patient frequency of VS when initiating PCA,
    Discuss s/e associate with narcotic: itching , nausea, resp depression etc.
    Stress importance of only patient should push button on PCA.

    Anything else you can think of I should add/
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  3. by   Daytonite
    what is the overall goal of this teaching plan? in other words, what is the objective that you want the patient to achieve as a result of all this teaching? is one-on-one discussion with the patient the only teaching method you are using? are you offering any printed material, demonstrating how the pca pump works, giving time for the patient to ask questions? if you know the name of the manufacturer of the equipment you can search online for operating instructions and possibly a patient manual--perhaps something that you can print out. you should also incorporate facility pca policy and procedure into your teaching. how are you verifying that the patient understands what you have taught (evaluation)? unlike the interventions of a care plan a teaching plan must allow for evaluation of the learner to assess if the material that was taught was learned correctly. this is done through a return demonstration, short post test, or a question and return answer session.