Sources for EBN for Interventions

  1. i need help!!!
    i am writing a care plan and need sources, besides ackley, that give interventions with rationales for a diagnosis.
    my school wants eb interventions in one column with rationales in the other column. i am wondering if i can use articles or what? i don't know what they want from me all they say is that we cannot copy/paste from ackley and that it has to be in our own words. i am doing my psychosocial dx on risk for situational low self esteem. i need two outcomes with 5 interventions (eb) each. ackley lists 12 total interventions, for this dx. are there other sources for interventions with rationales? thank you for your help, i sooooo appreciate it
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  3. by   Clovery
    i've been working on my big care plan and just going to the nursing journals via database searches to find interventions/rationales.
  4. by   Esme12 evidence based research....

    check out these 2 sites

    any nursing article from any professional organization medscape is free if you register