Question for those doing clinicals LPN school

  1. This question is for those who are doing their clinicals. When you start clinicals, do they ask you where you are interested in working and try to place you in that facility? Do they offer clinical nursing practice at DR.'s offices if your interested in that? I know that many do clinicals in LTC and hospitals but had not heard if they branch out into clinical care.
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  3. by   APBT mom
    Our first clinical rotation was in a LTC and a hospital. Now they're all at different hospitals. We are allowed to choose which hospital we want to go to but only out of the hospitals they have contract's with. We also aren't allowed to pick what floor we want to be on we usually go back and forth between med/surg, telemetry, and surgical step down. No we don't do any clinicals at doctor's offices or clinics because the skills that we are taught are only able to be seen at the hospitals.
  4. by   itsmyturn
    Thanks so much for replying back with the great info...much appreciated!
  5. by   swee2000
    For my LPN program(I've since graduated), the 2nd semester clinicals included: 4 weeks at a clinic/doctors office, 4 weeks on a mental health unit, and the remaining 8 weeks at a LTC facility. I'm not sure what 1st semester all included, other than a Med/Surg rotation at a hospital, because I didn't start the program until 2nd semester. As far as having options on anything, each student was able to pick where they went(from 2 pre-picked locations for each rotation), but we were not given any choices on the types of rotations.
  6. by   deemarie
    in my lpn program,we started out in ltc,and now in the hospital setting on a rehab unit.i am currently in the med surg portion of the program. i am just gonna try to decide where i am gonna work based on the hospitals that i get to see throughout this program. i should be finished by july 08':spin: