professional paper issues that impact nursing

  1. Hello everyone..
    I am asking for some idea to be throw out ... have a professional paper to write and could use a lead... what do you think is an important issue that impacts nursing? i have thought of nursing turnover...staffing always an issue!! but I have to have references and research to back the paper.

    any help will be appreciated!!
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  3. by   hanpat13
    One of the girls in my nursing class wrote a paper about floating (from unit to unit). It was a great presentation (accompanying paper). We were required to use a minimum of 5 research articles from professional journals, so I am sure the research exists no matter which side of the issue you are on.

    Good luck!
  4. by   Daytonite
    what you are wanting to do is write about a trend in nursing. here is a link to an article where the author lists 10 trends in nursing.

    you may have to sign in to get to the article, but i just checked the link and got linked to the article right away without having to sign in. either way, it's still a free internet resource. if you want to do your own little internet search just search for "nursing trends" or "trends in nursing". this is a good place to start looking for ideas. it is probably possible to do the entire research on line. just make sure you get information from the website (down at the bottom of the page) to properly write up your reference for it. here is a site you can use to help you organize and format your references in either apa or mla style

    i just visited the site to double check that the link works. you will get the web page but there is a notice that the citation machine is getting heavy usage at this time of the year because of people finishing up their papers and using it. this is a wonderful resource that you should bookmark for future papers you will have to write. all you do is input the information you have on your resource and the machine will give you the apa or mla format of it. you just copy and paste what it has generated for you and put it on your reference/bibliography page.

    isn't it fun to be in school!
  5. by   MTBanRN
    here are some issues that face nursing and effective health care.
    "top 10" ideas for reducing health care costs
    in the online journal medscape general medicine, commonwealth fund president karen davis adds "top 10" ideas for reducing health care costs and at the same time improving the quality of care.
    in taking a walk on the supply side: 10 steps to control health care costs, davis outlines 10 strategies for reforming the "supply side" of the health care market, including care coordination, pharmaceutical price negotiation, standardization of charges and insurance products, evidence-based clinical guidelines, and more. "combined, these approaches could generate substantial savings. some would lower costs and improve care. none would require patients to forgo effective care or incur higher out-of-pocket costs," says davis. "the net result would be a health system that is more responsive to all americans, yields fewer errors, improves health, and is accessible to all."
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