Prioritization Question - page 2

You are in charge of four patients all who have pushed their call light. Who will you see first? Patient A has to use the toilet Patient B doesn't have his glasses or hearing aid Patient C... Read More

  1. by   daisybaby
    C- A patient 'just medicated' with anything (from morphine to tylenol) could be having an allergic reaction, which takes precedence over everything.

    Then D- As earlier stated, pt. may be hanging himself or trying to 'escape'. Big safety issue.

    B- Pt. has loss of two faculties. If he can't see or hear well, he's at greater risk for injury (fall) than the pt. who has to go to the BR. Another safety issue.

    A- Sure, it's a mess to change a wet bed or call housekeeping at 0230, but the state would own you for the rest of your days if a pt went into anaphylaxis, asphyxiated in a posey vest, or broke his neck trying to navigate a room with decreased sensory perception while you were taking sweet old Mr. Smith to the potty (I know it wasn't an option, but ideally, this task would be delegated to UAP anyway.)
  2. by   SNKerri
    u can not ask questions about the questions. You dont have the pt in front of you. you have to just take the ABC's and Maslow and go from there.....

    Urine/Feces in a bed, not so bad even the fall resulting from an impatient pt would not be as bad as a pt having an allergic reaction, dsypnea, or some other effect from morphine, the man in restraints would come directly after....the other 1 seem like the obvious ones to omit

    If you read into qu. like that it will take you 8000000000000 hours to get through one test

    I agree no woulda, coulda, shoulda........
  3. by   liljsmom02
    i'm gonna go way out on a limb on this one. i would hope that if i gave a pt a morphine injection that i would monitor for s/s of any problems. i think B only because B seems to be such a safety concern. the guy can't see nor hear and obviously needs something. if i am wrong then i would go with C because this is the patient that would most likely be experiencing a potentially dangerous side effect. i do wish i knew, however, if this was the first dose of morphine or what size dose it is.
  4. by   bm28083
    my first response was c, then you said your professor said that was incorrect because they were being monitored. my next answer would be d, going back to maslow, saftey if first, the glasses and hearing aids are comfort items (security to the patient), toileting is still not a saftey issue unless you read into the question that he has a problem.
    Please let us know what is the correct answer.