Practicum Essay's... Need help ASAP pleasssee!

  1. i am in desperate need of help! we were just told we had to write essays for placement for our practicum (72 hours). they must be in before sept. 15th so that gives me a day. i am sooo not good at these kind of things. my instructions are to: describe why you have an interest in the area you have chosen for your senior practicum. students usually only get one of their choices if there letters are great. i have no clue where to start. i need several letters. nicu (main), mom/baby, labor and delivery, er, picu, or. they all go to different areas so we were instructed to write letters for all areas interest in. i narrowed it down to 4 with nicu being primary.

    nicu: i have always wanted to work in the nicu. i thought my mind had changed when i had a baby there for 2 months but it only made my decision stronger. i enjoyed clinicals there so much.

    mom/baby, labor and delivery: i am not sure if one is needed for this one or not however it is one of my top ones. i have always wanted to be a high risk l&d nurse or nicu.

    er: we didn't get to do an er rotation for clinical and i think it would be a good experience.

    picu: love peds as well as critical care. i have also had a child in picu and it just holds a special place in my heart.

    or: enjoyed or rotation. lots of learning experiences.

    any help would be soooo appreciated! i have looked so forward to this part and now we find out that a lot of the major colleges nursing programs end at the same time my class ends (we have classes finished every 5 weeks). we have to compete with these students as well so placement is tough and the letters are important and are making me sooo nervous!!
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  3. by   Beth BSN, RN
    Hi Bensonya!

    I would think explaining how your clinicals went in those areas would help the person reading them understand why you would be a perfect fit. Put in your essay how passionate you are about being in the NICU. I'm not sure if you need to explain how this will help you achieve your long term goals once you graduate. When I was in school, that was something they wanted to know and basically was the letter itself. All you can do is your best and be honest about why you want to be there. I wish you all the best and I hope you get your first choice. Keep us posted.
  4. by   AliF
    I agree with Beth- I think writing about your personal experience and strong desire to work in NICU will be a great idea. Good luck!