Postpartum and Neonate process papers...does anyone have a sample?

  1. This coming semester in introduction to maternity and pediatrics, we are required to write process papers on postpartum care of the mother and neonate assessment. I was wondering if anyone out there has a sample of this or knows where to get a sample so that I can know how to do these papers. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I do not practice plagurism (sp?), so do not worry about that........I just want a format that can help me get started. Thank you in advance.
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  3. by   Daytonite
    i take it you want information on how a process recording should be done. is that right? i have one link that is from one college program that gives instructions for it's students on how to set up their process recordings. - guideline on how to prepare an interpersonal process recording from university of north carolina at wilmington school of nursing

    the ones i did in my bsn program 20 years ago were done on landscape-oriented grids where the actual conversation between the patient and nurse was listed in the first column very much like a script
    patient: i feel bad today.
    me: what can i do to help you feel better?
    as i recall, the next column identified and classified the communication being used by the patient and the response being given by the student. then we had a column to, basically, state what we should have said, kind of an analysis section. our last column, i believe, was for our rationale which supported our analysis (basically, references).

    i also have a number of links to sites that have specific information on therapeutic communication, the names of effective communication responses, communication blocks and therapeutic techniques you can employ in speaking therapeutically with patients (you need all this information for the analysis part of your process recording). let me know if you would like those links as well. there are links for ob assessments on - health assessment resources, techniques, and forms (in nursing student assistance forum)
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    I am a second year RN student(two quarters left!!) I've already had my maternity rotation and i have worked on my hospital's OB unit for 4 years and absolutley love it! We did our process papers in APA format , id be glad to email u the info they wanted for ours and the format.It is basically a head to toe assessment of all systems of mom and baby, their labor or surgery and response to it, and the post partum, mom and baby care. I would be glad to help if i can. Please send me a private message (PM) or use my email in my profile page. Lucie
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