Possible nursing diagnosis for recent PEG tube insertion?

  1. Hello! I had a lovely patient the other day and have decided to do my final care plan using him. I need three nursing diagnosis and have come up with quite a few, but would like to focus one on the recent PEG tube insertion. I would imagine that risk for infection would make a good one since any invasive surgery like that puts a patient at risk. I was just curious to see if I'm missing another good option, being that my care plan book is a bit on the limited side. In fact, it has nothing on my psychosocial diagnosis choices either (risk for social isolation or loneliness), darn thing!

    Anyone have an idea you'd like to throw at me?
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  3. by   Esme12
    Why is the PEG tube necessary? What is the age of this patient? Will they be caring for it themselves? What would you be concerned about on a fresh surgical?

    Do they have pain?
    How is their skin integrity/surgical wound around the insertion site?
    Are they tolerating feedings?
    How is their nutrition?
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