Pneumonia and Simple mask

  1. I'm trying to figure out why a simple mask set at 5L would be inappropriate for someone with pneumonia. They have 85% o2 sats, crackles in both lungs, labored breathing, respirations 28, diminished lung sounds in lower fields. I am assuming it is the same reason why you don't give a high o2 level to a person with COPD?
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  3. by   hodgieRN
    Yes, if the pt had COPD, then you wouldn't want to give 5L of o2. It's not the same reason as COPD because you can give as much oxygen they need if they simply have pneumonia. If there is no other history, there's nothing wrong with 5L. So, if there is a test question about this or a nurse mentioned to not give lots of o2 to a penumonia pt, the only time that would be true is if the pt had COPD.
  4. by   hodgieRN
    Even if someone wanted to make the argument of oxygen toxicity or even the production of free radicals, a pt with an o2 sat of 85% with pneumonia gets to have whatever amount they need. If not, they are going to buy themselves a ventilator. Unless the pt had COPD, any reasoning to limit the o2 would basically be cherry picking.
  5. by   Esme12
    YOU treat the hypoxia and if they had COPD they should not be on a simple mask.....but any patient that is hypoxic and symptomatic with that hypoxia is of concern and need to be treated.
    Simple masks

    Delivers 35 to 55 % O2 at flows of 5 to 12 L/min

    **Must never be used at flows less than 5 L/min to prevent rebreathing of CO2
    You might nfind this website helpful.....Oxygen Delivery Systems

    A person who is hypoxic from pneumonia doesn't really have a "restriction" on the amount of O2 they receive. They remin in the oxygen driven everybody else and needs to be addressed.