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  1. here is a website i found recently that has patient teaching materials on it. the link is to an index page. - an index that links you into up to date patient education materials on a large variety of medical topics that is a joint project of a group of medical professional organizations. you can also get some professional level information here as well.

    of course, remember to always check to see what medline plus has on it as it is a great source of patient information.

    this link is to a patient education document that explains what goes on in the intensive care units in laymans language.

    a primer on critical care for patients and their families
    from the american thoracic society.
    there is a wealth of information here the includes discussions of the purpose of the intensive care unit, common illnesses of patients in the intensive care units, icu devices and procedures (foleys, stomach tubes, arterial catheters, central venous catheters, right heart catheterization, mechanical ventilation, weaning from the ventilator, tracheostomy, lumbar puncture, paracentesis, thoracentesis, chest tubes, bronchoscopy and hemodialysis), making decisions about the end of life, living wills, medical futility, withdrawal of life-sustaining treatments, commonly asked questions, a guideline to advanced directives
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    Thank you so much, Daytonite Awesome resources.
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