Pathophysiology Cards

  1. I am wanting to make out some good patho cards anyone have a good template or know the best way to do this I want to get prepared for Advance med surg and I think if I make these cards for reference it will help big time! Thank you
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  3. by   Daytonite
    I make my own flashcards all the time using my Word program and Table formatting. If you do a search of the student forums, you will find several weblinks to Internet sites that have templates for making flashcards. I've never saved the links myself because I like my own way of doing cards. Creating my own cards is in itself a form of studying for me because I'm usually scrutinizing my textbook and looking in supplemental texts to make sure I've got my information right on the cards. My cards are meant to be printed out on ordinary paper, folded in half, pasted together and then cut apart when the paste dries. Instant flashcards. I have files and files of these kinds of flashcards that I have created for all the classes I've taken over the past few years. A lot of times I don't even print them out anymore and just use them on the computer by turning the text invisible (change the font color to white) so I can't see the answers. I'll copy and paste the more difficult ones I'm having trouble with into a new Word document and just print those ones out to carry in my pocket (saving trees, you know).
    Attachment 4887 Sample of what the cards look like before being cut apart. The left side is the front of the card; the right side becomes the back of the card with the answer.
    Attachment 4888 Instructions