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  1. Does anyone know of a good reference or site that has practice questions for OB meds? Our instructor gave us a practice sheet with 20 problems, but we need more problems than that to REALLY practice. We get the concept of how to work the dosages and drips but since we have to make above 90% on the test, there is barely room for error. We have the math test in 3 weeks. Anything would be greatly appreciated. in advance.
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    Oh, and just to assure all that I looked through all the threads even the math sticky before posting this. Most of the links are no longer any good. Even if its just the practice sheet that you were given at your school. I will share mine too. Once again thanks to anyone who can help.
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    Lets see if this works:

    OB Math Practice Test 2

    1. Ordered: Heparin sodium 8000 units Sub-Q q 12 hours for 3 days
    On hand: Heparin sodium 1:5,000 solution

    What is the dosage strength of heparin? _________units ______ mL solution

    2. Give _______mL of Heparin

    Ordered: Lidocaine 50mg for nerve block STAT
    On hand : see label below

    How many grams of Lidocaine HCl is contained in the vial ________ grams

    4. Prepare: ______mL of Lidocaine

    Ordered: Give Magnesium Sulfate 675mg STAT in 250mL of 0.9%NaCl deliver at a rate of 120mL/h.
    According to package insert, delivery rate is 1-5mg/min but do not exceed more than 5mg/min.
    Supply: Magnesium Sulfate 10% solution

    Supply's dosage strength in mg/mL ___________.

    6. Based on the ordered flow rate, how many milligrams of Magnesium Sulfate is delivered per minute? ________mg/min

    7. Does the ordered flow rate delivers Magnesium Sulfate within the recommended safe dose range? ________

    8. Ordered: Potassium Chloride 9mEq IV in 300 mLD5LRS to infuse over 6 hours.
    Supply: (see label below)

    How many mEq of Potassium chloride is given per hour?_______________mEq/hr

    9. Prepare _______mL of Potassium Chloride

    10. Select an amount of diluent to be added, and compute the amount of medication to be given.
    Order: penicillin G potassium 400,000 U IM q.i.d.
    The supply is a vial containing 1,000,000 units of powdered penicillin G potassium with the following instructions:

    Amount of diluent to be added Approximate concentration
    9.6 mL 100,000 U/mL
    4.6 mL 200,000 U/mL
    1.6 mL 500,000 U/mL

    According to package insert, the average single IM injection is 200,000units - 400,000 units.

    Add __________ mL diluent, give __________ mL

    11. For postpartum bleeding, add Oxytocin 25 units to IV fluid (see labels below) and infuse over 6 hours at a rate of 110mL/hr.

    According to package insert, infuse a total dosage of 10-40 units at a delivery rate of 20-40mU/min but not exceeding 40mU/min.
    (Refer to the labels provided below)

    Prepare: _____________mL of Oxytocin

    12. Based on the ordered flow rate, how many milliunits per minute is delivered? _______mU/min

    13. Is the ordered flow rate delivers medication within the safe dose range? ___________

    Specify the amount of diluent to add and the resulting solution concentration. Calculate the amount to give and indicate the dose with an arrow on the accompanying syringe.

    14. Order: Zithromax 350 mg IV q.i.d. (see IVF provided below) at a rate of 150mL/hr. The nurse started the IV at 0325 09/06/10.

    Reconstitute with __________ mL diluent for a total solution volume of __________ mL with a concentration of __________ mg/mL.
    Give: __________ mL

    15. Using the IV set provided, what is the flow rate in drops per minute: __________gtts/min

    16. What is the total infusion time? _______ hrs

    17. What is the completion time? _________

    18. How many grams of Sodium Chloride is contained in the IV fluid provided (Refer to the label provided)? ________ grams

    This is the practice sheet minus the labels because they did not copy. Sorry

    Copy and paste for your needs if you like.

    Let me know how to add an attachment so that you can have the whole document. I tried attaching the file from my documents and it says it failed.
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    thank you!!!