OB Care Plan Help PLEASE!!!!!

  1. I need to get two care plans for OB

    one is on impaired comfort r/t labor and the other is risk for infection r/t c-section.

    I know that there are many threads posted on care plans and I have tried searching all boards but can not seem to find these specific ones.

    Thanks so much for your help, you guys are always great resources.
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  3. by   Daytonite
    you are not going to find any actual care plans on the forums. you will find some posts that have given students help with ob care plans, but that's about it.

    with a care plan for a patient in labor, it is important to know what stage of labor the patient is in: i, ii or iii since different things are going on in each phase and different complications can occur and need to be care planned for.

    with a c-section, you are dealing with a patient who has had a surgery, so basic post-operative care applies just like any other patient who has an open incision and undergone either general or epidural anesthesia. then, you still need to care plan for postpartal care.

    if you have the assessment data for these two patients i will help you put together nursing diagnoses or give you some ideas for nursing diagnoses to get you started on care plans for them.

    here are two previous links on ob care plan help to check out and a link to information on what is going on with the patient during labor and a c-section.



    http://www.childbirths.com/euniversi...veryskills.htm - labor and delivery skills. includes the physical assessment of the laboring mother. has nice pictures to explain a lot of what is being discussed. includes the stages of labor. discusses epidural anesthesia and preparation of the patient. includes information on amnioinfusion, interuterine resusitation, amniotomy, induction of labor, vacuum extraction, shoulder dystocia, abcs of newborn management, complications, and cesarean section. there are a number of weblinks to more information on some of the specific subjects under discussion.