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  1. So, I have to do a teaching plan on something in mental health. I chose either schizophrenia, psych medications, or bipolar. I'm putting together the beginning of the plan but quickly realized I have NO clue what I'm doing. SO! If anyone could show me an example of a teaching plan I would be forever grateful, I obviously don't care what the teaching plan is about, I just can't find an example ANYWHERE on the internet, let alone in my books!
    Also, if you have any suggestions on teaching materials for a 20 year old patient, I so far have brochure, list of celebrities that have the same disease (to facilitate the feeling of being alone or embarrassed of the disorder), list of support groups, power point on disk for quick reference at home (or a typed up sheet for quick reference/review of teaching sessions) and for the medications I also have handouts of the specific medications and a typed up overview of what we had gone over in the teaching sessions.

    Thanks so much guys!
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  3. by   nurseprnRN
    You ought to be able to look up your topic in your psych text to learn about its basics-- cause, evaluation, goals of treatment, usual course, etc., then translate that into lay language. You shouldn't need to copy something-- use your words, use your choice of organization structure.

    Yep, it's more work, but you'll learn a lot more doing it that way than by having someone hand you one already done.
  4. by   lolaviex
    I don't think there are any examples that you should copy because each one is going to be different based on how that student was instructed to write it. First, you should check with your instructor or syllabus to see if there are specifications like APA format or a grading rubric to follow.

    Do they want it in narrative paragraphs, or headings, or tables? Do you have to prove a knowledge deficit or just pick a topic at random? Do you have to show how you'll evaluate your patient has learned? It will be easier to pick a topic you can narrow down to something specific, like a newly prescribed medication for someone with bipolar disorder vs. something as broad as schizophrenia. You could be writing for days to try to cover everything.

    Make sure to use simple terms as if you were teaching someone with no previous medical knowledge. If you're doing it for psych, you'll need to account for any learning barriers also.
  5. by   LPN Crystal
    lolaviex, I actually had come on here because my instructor gave me no direction :/ I had NO clue what I was supposed to be doing or what a teaching plan even looked like. I did narrative paragraphs because that was the only way that made sense. Come to find out? I did it way wrong, kind of in a good way... I over did it, leaving it 10 pages long! But this instructor doesn't like "long"... so in this case it was a bad thing lol. I wrote about bipolar recently diagnosed, with medications lamictal, seroquel and lithium. I taught on those three meds as well as how to manage the bipolar and what it is. ugh, we'll see how it went. Thanks for your input it's greatly appreciated!
  6. by   Esme12
    We appreciate that your school isn't giving you the guidance you need to complete your tasks....but understand that there are forums that offer this information readily....and that this isn't one of them. We feel that our purpose is to help you become the best you that you can be the best nurse you can be for when you graduate that is the best way to ensure the patient gets the best nurse they deserve. As much as I would like to believe that most students are honest and would never use someone else material....we both know that isn't the reality.

    Different programs have different requirements so it is difficult to "give an example" of how your school/professor wishes complete the assignment.

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