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  1. Can anyone help me figure out some good objectives? I am doing my preceptorship on the med-surg floor and I am stuck. Please reply
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  3. by   Indy
    I'm not going to put these in good "care plan" language because I've got a headache.

    1. safe medication administration
    2. advocate for the patient (that one covers a lot)
    3. learn to tape or give verbal report in a reasonable fashion
    4. think about what you haven't done so far in clinicals, procedure wise: foley? NG tube? hang TPN? etc. and make those into objectives
    5. maybe learn how to use your facility's IV pump correctly

    That's all I can think of at the moment.
  4. by   snowfreeze
    Learn the routine of the unit on the shift you are working.
    Understand ancillary departments, how to contact them, how to alert them of new orders/consults.
    What to do in a code, where is the crash cart, what is the CODE call in your unit.
    How do the phones work?..access an outside line from unit, transfer call, put on hold.
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  6. by   VickyRN
    Quote from yellowrose
    Can anyone help me figure out some good objectives? I am doing my preceptorship on the med-surg floor and I am stuck. Please reply
    Here are some good global objectives:'

    The following criteria, based on the nursing process, will form the guidelines for the student's performance in all client-care situations:

    1. Utilize learned scientific and behavioral principles to identify needs of adult patients experiencing common health stressors with progressive ability.

    2. Utilize the nursing process in meeting the priority needs of the patient with progressive ability. Emphasis is to be placed on priority nursing diagnoses, including physiological needs, ego integrity and teaching/learning.

    3. Perform all learned nursing skills (including medication administration) safely and therapeutically under supervision of an instructor with progressive ability.

    4. Function as an accountable member of the health care team.

    Here are some course-specific clinical objectives (second-semester ADN students):

    1. Utilize Maslow's hierarchy of needs to assess clients with emphasis on health promotion throughout the life span.
    2. Involve the client in participating in his or her own health care.
    3. Apply the components of the nursing process as related to the care of clients at various stages of the life span.
    4. Perform essential nursing skills according to critical requirements.
    5. Utilize therapeutic communication techniques.
    6. Exhibit caring behaviors.
    7. Identify legal and ethical parameters of nursing practice.
    8. Identify situations beyond one's knowledge and experience and seek appropriate assistance;
    9. Provide safe nursing care to clients.
    10. Recognize socio-cultural differences in assigned clients.
    11. Accept responsibility for personal and professional behaviors.
    12. Exhibit preparation for planned learning experience using required resources.
  7. by   Mblake3
    Hey Everyone! Im new to this site! Just trying to get some good Ideas for nursing goals and objectives... Im writing a letter to get into nursing school! Any ideas? thanks