Need some encourage :(

  1. so i am currently in peds and completly bombed my test. I got a 74% which dropped my grade to a 79% (80% is passing) i have 1 more test to go and a final. Im so stressed out!!!! supposed to be graduating in may. I just dont know what im doing wrong. I had no problem in med surg. Does any1 have any advice or websites that i can utilize..THANKS!!!
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  3. by   terri2008
    I understand that you feel exactly like this! .. but do not fret it will be okay. I just got out of Pediatrics. I was actually in the exact same predicament that you are in. First you need to look at your test and see where you went wrong and how.... are you speeding through your test? answer to fast? second guess yourself?.... Maybe this new teacher that your having teaches different than what your used to. Maybe you need to find a new study habit. For me, I would listen to lecture, go home and compare the information in the book and write both sources down on a note note card. I would ask questions about EVERYTHING that I didn't understand and that helped me tremendously! Just remember if you believe in a higher source then PRAY and keep your head up. I wish I was going to be ready to graduate this May. I still have another year left. Look how far you have come! =)
  4. by   NaomieRN
    Do you have nclex books that you can use? I have been using nclex 3500, which breaks down different subjects, for instance, I just finish GI and I answered all the questions pertaining to GI. I did the same thing on the last test and I did well. Like the above post said, go over your test and see where you go wrong and the type of questions you are getting wrong. You can also talk with the instructor to ask, what you can do to improve your grade on the next exam. Good luck to you.