Need Help with Patient Teaching/Care Plan

  1. Hello,
    I'd like to know if any of you has done a comprehensive teaching/care plan on a cardiac patient. To complete our Cardiac Nursing course requirements this semester, we are required to write a 10-page teaching care plan on any one of our cardiac patients. Its actually more of a case study on a cardiac patient.
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  3. by   begalli
    Quote from mye614
    I even told myself that I'm willung to pay some one to write this paper for me just to get out of the way so I can concentrate more with clinicals and our very extensive reading. !

    These papers, as mundane or excrutiating as they may seem, are what's teaching you to think like a nurse. I know this is something you've "told yourself," but ask yourself if your nursing program would keep you in if they found out you did something like this? I can guarantee you that you'd be out.

    ...provide nursing care plan from the time the patient is in the hospitalized until discharged home.

    ...3 nursing diagnoses with goal, expected outcome, planning, interventions (with rationale), implementations and evaluation. we demonstrated the 5 C's.
    Right there are your guidelines.

    Maybe you can get a study group together to work on these papers or at least go to other students to see how they are approaching the assignment.

    The papers ARE time consuming and difficult, but you will learn so much.

    Nursing school is NOT easy and we've ALL been there and have written these papers.

    So, nose to the grindstone and....Good Luck!
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    Hello everyone,
    Trying to see if anyone can attach an example teacher care plan and shoot it over to me. Just want to try and get a feel for the one I'm about to do.
    Thanks and good luck with finals!!
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    Quote from plaid1226
    hello everyone,
    trying to see if anyone can attach an example teacher care plan and shoot it over to me. just want to try and get a feel for the one i'm about to do.
    thanks and good luck with finals!!
    you are going to be waiting for a long time.

    i can give you the basic elements of a patient teaching plan. it pretty much follows the same steps of the same nursing process that you would use to create a care plan. you are determining a problem, but the problem is specifically a teaching need. there is a goal and the interventions are very specific to teaching:
    1. overview: a synopsis about what is going to be taught in the course
    2. goal(s): the aim(s) or outcome(s) that you want your learner to achieve as a result of the lesson you plan
    3. objectives: the more specific information that the learner will come away from the course knowing that will achieve the goal(s) you have determined.
    4. content: a play-by-play of the specific content that is going to be taught and in the sequence it will happen. your content should address and cover all the objectives. this part of the written lesson plan is presented in an outline format.
    5. procedures and materials: how all the above will be achieved, i.e. lecture, demonstration, discussion, etc. materials that can be used and resources that can be needed for the lesson to be successful and essential to teaching your lesson plan are listed and may include demonstrations, audio-visuals, handouts, experiments, stories, game playing and any number of other creative items.
    6. evaluation: determining if you met the goals of the teaching plan. this can be done through a return demonstration, short post test, short question and return answer session with the client to verify they understand the information correctly or a task the participant needs to perform.
    a good example of a teaching plan is that packet of objectives that are handed out to you with your syllabus at the start of every semester of your nursing classes. many of the above elements are included in that packet of information. the evaluation is the periodic tests and graded assignments you have to turn in. you can see examples of many printed patient teaching pamphlets and sheets on the internet. many hospitals have online patient information that you can view and print out. here's an example:
    there are a number of ways to introduce patient teaching into a care plan. it can be part of a nursing problem that includes teaching interventions. it can be part of the deficient knowledge (specify) or ineffective health maintenance diagnosis. the choice is yours to make.