need help with Drug Cal Test

  1. i need some help with the drug cal test. the exam is on iv and peds. i just failed my second attempt. 3 out of 12 students have passed so far and we have 1 more exam to do. one of my classmates has been tutoring us, but we are having a hard time finding extra questions to work on. our instructor is not really helping us or better yet there is no guidance from her. does anyone out there who can direct me to a website if you have any direction to help myself and my classmates. i think the last exam is a week away.
    thank a bunch to those who reply.
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    here are some older posts i made with drug calculation links on them:

    these are all the other links i have in a file for medication calculations. i haven't had time to check to see if they are all still active sites so my apologies if any are no longer good. may i also suggest that once you know all the elements of a problem (dose desired, dose on hand, amount to give) that you then remake it into a new problem for yourselves by removing one of the elements and figuring out how to work back to getting to it. this is the way we studied for our chemistry math and it really paid off. also, there have recently been some drug calc posts on allnurses you might want to check out. i like to explain answers in terms of dimensional analysis, but in practice i usually use another method. good luck. - 12 practice dosage calculation problems with answers. - nursing math from delta college. lots of links to information and practice problems - 10 multiple choice medication math questions. instant notification if your answer is right or wrong. - this is a medication calculation tutorial. you do not have to login or register to do this tutorial! just click here where it tells you to click here and you are in the program! the left side of the screen has the outline of the course so you always know where you are in the program, or you can skip to a part you particularly want to focus on. there are quizzes at the end of the various sections. this is from the university of san francisco school of nursing. topics include fractions, multiplying and dividing of fractions and decimals, ratios, proportions, percentages, metric and apothecary liquid and weight conversions, medication administration, dosage calculation, iv tubings and calculating flow rates. - nursing formulas and conversions. includes a formula on how to do iv calculations. - basic tutorial on getting started with pharmacology math. at the bottom of this home page is a drop down box where you link into any of the following subjects: common conversion factors/equivalencies, common abbreviations, ratio and proportion, iv problems, titration problems, and pediatric pharmacology math. -- the start page of this pharmacology math tutorial presented by the nursing department at the san antonio college. by clicking on the "go figure" button you can access quizzes on basic med calculations, iv, pediatric and ob med calculations. the quizzes all have answers. follow the directions. - med calc for nurses from central carolina technical college. explanations and quizzes (with answers) on the following subjects: measurements, conversions, oral dosages, parenteral dosages, iv flow rates, dose by weight, iv push meds, critical care iv's and tube feeding. - a quiz of 8 iv calculation questions with pictures and answers. the answers show you exactly how to set up the equations to solve the problems. - a wonderful site for practice problems with answers on iv calculations from daytona beach community college nursing department. just click on the links provided and knock yourself out! - from daytona beach community college nursing department. this is the home page that links into the above. all kinds of nursing math worksheets of calculation problems with answers for tablets, ivs, peds and ob meds -- this is the section of that you can access for free. it contains four quizzes on metric conversions, tablet dosage calculations, fluid dosage calculations, and iv drop rate calculations. this is a site sponsored by australian nurses, but the tests are still usable. the solution to each question is revealed when you click on the "show me the solution" button. there is also a short "help" section within each test area that is a short tutorial about the subject. each test also includes an online calculator. - help with pediatric dosages using fried's and clark's rule. there are 8 practice problems listed here with answers from the chemistry department of del mar college in corpus christi, tx. - a 13 question drug calculation test from napa valley college aa degree nursing program with the answers explained at the end. - 20 question medication calculation test with answers at the end. from oakland community college. - help with pediatric dosages using young's and clark's rules. - calculating pediatric dosages start on page 6. includes fried's, clark's, young's, and surface area rules.
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    great links