Need Help- OB Teaching plans

  1. Hi, I am new to this board and have really enjoyed surfing, but now I need to get back down the books.
    I am in my OB rotation and have done several care plans for Med-Surg can someone help me with an example of a teaching plan or how to lay it out? How are they different than the care plan? I would be grateful for any help on this. Thanks
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  3. by   Daytonite
    hi, gm0607 and welcome to allnurses!

    there is all kinds of patient teaching on the internet for consumers that is offered up by many hospitals. the largest website that has consumer teaching is medline plus ( you can use the search box on the top of their page to get information on any topic. they have very nice tutorials on many different subjects that you can link in to ( read one or two of them to get an idea of how to organize a teaching plan. other websites that do really nice patient teaching are medicine net ( and web md ( for ob teaching, specifically, check the hospital website where your patient was hospitalized. many ob units have online information for the mothers. if the hospital your patient was in doesn't have this, check the websites of a larger medical center that does have an ob unit near where you live. you should also check the links on the patient education resources forum of allnurses for any information on ob patient teaching topics: the national institute of child health and human development (part of the national institutes of health) ( it has an "a to z health & human development topics" link that has lots of different information on it. i just took a look at the page on breastfeeding and it was organized quite nicely. medline plus probably links you in to some of these articles anyway.

    with any teaching you start by giving an explanation of the anatomy and physiology in very simple terms. you then give the information that needs to be taught in as simple a manner as you can. utilize any written material or pictures that you can find to give the patient as well for reference. always give them information on who they can call with questions later. what you teach the patient isn't much different from what we learn--it is just in simpler, layman's terms.