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  1. Hi everyone, i haven't posted in a while because ive been busy with school and what not! I'm having a really hard time with Microbiology. I'm the youngest one in my class and i feel as though everyone else knows more than me in my class because they said they've taken it more than once. It's just intimidating. I have a C in the class right now and my teachers exams are based one 3 exams and the labs. He refuses to give out any extra credit, which i can understand. Im not sure if I need a B in the class or a C. I;ve been trying to call Umass Lowell many times and im not getting through to anyone who will give me a straight answer as to whether i need a B or a C. It's very frusterating. IF i do need a B and i end up getting a C in the class id on't know what to do. Whether to drop it so it won;t hurt my gpa or stick with it to learn and do better the next time around. Has anyone graduated from UML with nursing that knows what grade i need? Or can give me any helpful advice? Thanks for your time everyone!:spin:
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  3. by   NaomieRN
    Just because you are the youngest student, does not mean you have to get the lowest grade. Microbiology is not too difficult. If anyone can do well, so can you. Just focus and where you are, and improve your grades by reading to understand.
  4. by   megykilo
    I was a 17 year old in my micro class and the sole reason our class trip to the microbrewery was cancelled...don't think about your age as an obstacle. I agree with whoever said 'read to understand.' I found that extra time in the lab really helped me in identifying the bugs and I struggled with gram stains. But if I can pull through with an A so can you! I'm not the science lover I should be.
  5. by   Daytonite
    Quote from wackyj2000
    i feel as though everyone else knows more than me in my class because they said they've taken it more than once.
    maybe they've taken it more than once because they did poorly in it the first time or two. maybe they had to retake the class because they took it more than 10 years ago and the nursing school they are applying to requires that it be taken within the last 5 years. maybe the first micro class they took was a lower level class and the nursing school they are applying to requires a higher level class of microbiology.
    Quote from wackyj2000
    im not sure if i need a b in the class or a c.
    i'm reading this and wondering why you aren't breaking your back to get a better grade. you should always aim high. being willing to settle for less doesn't say much about a person's ethics.
    Quote from wackyj2000
    has anyone graduated from uml with nursing that knows what grade i need? or can give me any helpful advice? thanks for your time everyone!
    here's helpful advice:
    1. strive and motivate for an "a"
    2. get tutoring or check out allnurses for the sticky threads that have weblinks to microbiology help sites. these links are posted in a couple of places. https://allnurses.com/forums/f198/mi...-a-225123.html (*microbiology summer 2007*) on the pre-nursing student forum. the most recent set of links i posted are on post #54 (https://allnurses.com/forums/2235855-post54.html)
    3. go to your university website and download a copy of the college catalog. there may be something in this "official" publication in the section on the nursing major that tells you what gpa you need to apply for the nursing program. i'd read through the descriptions of the nursing classes as well. there may be some clue or information there about any required gpa.
    4. make an appointment to speak with the counselor for the nursing program at this college. they are going to give you the official version of what you need, not the posters on allnurses.
    5. it's a holiday week. it may be difficult to get in touch with anyone. the college website, however, should have e-mail contact on the nursing department section of their website. if you can't get a live person on the phone, send an e-mail to the correct person.
    6. stop thinking about how you compare to the other students in the class. you're in an adult world now.
    7. you don't get "extra credit" for not working up to the established standards in a job as an rn either! what you'll get is a poor evaluation, rather than a letter grade, and no raise. worse, you'll get fired if you continue to not work up to standard on a consistent basis and start making some serious boo-boos because that usually follows. there's not much elbow room for wrong answers when you are working with patients. patient lives are at stake. school is your proving ground that you can handle the nursing. how would you rate your performance so far?
    8. part of the reason you are having trouble with this subject is because you've never had anything like it before so most of what you are learning is brand spanking new. that makes it more difficult to learn. read on below.
    since you are young, studying is a relatively new skill that you probably haven't mastered yet. check out these very helpful websites on how to study for college students:
    • http://www.studygs.net/ - study guides and strategies.
    • http://www.accd.edu/sac/history/kell...tg/ssindex.htm - strategies for success, an online primer and tutorial on how to study for students from the alamo community college. this is a pretty extensive resource with links on the right side of the page to click into the following subjects: learning styles, note taking, memory techniques, time management, overcoming procrastination, sq3r (a method for getting the most out of reading your textbooks), study tips, critical thinking, preparing for tests, and oral presentations. also, take a look at the faq's (frequently asked questions).
    • http://www.ucc.vt.edu/stdysk/checklis.html - this is a study skill checklist for you to go through and inventory your study habits from virginia polytechnic institute and state university. at the bottom of the form is the link to "study skills self-help information" which is all kinds of information to help you with areas you were weak on in the checklist. if you want to bypass the checklist and just go into the information section, go to this link http://www.ucc.vt.edu/stdysk/stdyhlp.html