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  1. we have to fill out a med card of a medication they gave us...mine is catapres (clonidine) my question is they want us to put the actual dose, recommended dose, classification, what the med does, the "significant side effects" and nursing implications on giving the drug

    my question is what is considered a significant side effect? i put them all cuz i didnt know they just want the serious ones like hypotension, bradycardia, palpitations or do they want them all including, nausea, dizziness, weight gain etc....

    also the nursing implications again do they want us to put them all? i put them all too lol and now i cant fit the patient responses to the meds lol (we dont have this anyways cuz we are still in the classroom not in the hospital yet til next week
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  3. by   keeley120
    I have 4-5 pgs. on meds, and not sure how to condense them and put them on index cards(which is what was asked). Any body have any suggestions? Here are some of the med.s: lovenox, epogen, regular insulin, nph insulin, morphine sulfate, etc. Thank you for reading this, and helping...if you can...Kelly
  4. by   RGN1
    How about putting them into "like" groups - insulins, anti-coagulants, narcotic pain meds etc? Then you can note down the general things that apply to the meds in each group, finally list the individual meds in that group & include any extra things that might be important to a particular med on that list.

    It will stand you in good stead for later when you take N-CLEX & help you make more sense of meds.
  5. by   keeley120
    Tx RgN1...I think that will help alot...and save on paper and time....Kelly
  6. by   Daytonite
    colleenmommyof4. . .do you have a drug handbook? most drugs have many known side effects ranging from soup to nuts. the drug handbooks will have a way of highlighting those particular side effects that are more significant than others and warrant looking out for. i happen to have mosby's nursing drug reference. this are what they indicate as the life-threatening side effects of clonidine: chf (congestive heart failure). the most common side effects are: drowsiness, sedation, headache, fatigue, orthostatic hypotension, palpitations, nausea, vomiting, malaise, dry mouth, and rash. now, knowing that these are the significant and most common side effects, i would list the nursing implications so they match up with these side effects. in other words, at the top of your nursing implications list i would put:
    • assess for symptoms of chf (edema, dyspnea, wet rales, elevated b/p)
    • assess for edema in feet and legs daily
    • monitor i&o
    • check for falling output
    • assess b/p for hypertension and report significant changes
    • assess pulse
    • assess for allergic reaction: rash, fever, pruritis, urticaria and drug should be discontinue if antihistamines do not help
    • assess for allergic reaction from patches: rash, urticarai, antioedema. if present the use of patches should be discontinued.
    the remainder of your nursing implications can be listed below them.

    the patient responses to the drugs would be the expected action of the drug on the person. with clonidine, the patient response would be to lower the blood pressure, hopefully to normal levels.

    this drug has other uses than for hypertension. i will let you finish those up on your med card. if you do not have a drug handbook, you really should consider getting one.
  7. by   Daytonite
    keeley120. . .here is a website that is a medication card constructor. it will give you an idea of what information needs to go on a medication card. you might even want to use it to print out your medication cards. it is only a constructor (formats the printing). you have to put in all the information. -'s gateway page into medi-quik construct-a-card. you need to register, but it's free. you have to input all the information yourself. this constructor merely prints it onto a pre-formatted form. in playing around with the constructor i found that you could not go back otherwise you lost your input data. i was able to shrink the finished card down to about 7" x 5" but my printer didn't print any border, or perhaps i just didn't know how to apply a border or shrink the card down smaller.
  8. by   keeley120
    Thanks Daytonite...I just saved it, and plan on trying it tonight. Kelly