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  1. I am trying to find info. on Iron (fevite). Is this the supplement and just known as something else? Please help I need info. such as onset/peak, common side effects, safe dosage range etc.....

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  3. by   decartes
    Check your resources: Drug Guides, Pharmacology books, Nursing Foundations texts, etc. You'll definitely find it there.
  4. by   Kaiulani
    Should have mentioned before that I have checked my pharm book, fundamentals book, dictionary, drug ref guide, and even googled it. Iron with fevite attached to it does not come up.
    Thanks for the thought.
  5. by   Daytonite
    I checked the FDA's Electronic Orange Book which lists all drug preparations both prescription and over the counter, present and past, and there is no Fevite listed. Is sounded to me like a compound name (fe=iron and vite=vitamin). A check for iron on netted a long list of all kinds of over the counter brands names of iron preparations. You can get that list by doing a search of "iron" at their site.

    Iron is a mineral, therefore it would be given as a supplement. Iron by itself is not listed in my drug handbook. However, to satisfy your assignment you should look for these generic iron preparations which are given for iron replacement:
    • ferrous fumarate
    • ferrous gluconate
    • ferrous sulfate
    • ferric gluconate complex
    • carbonyl iron
    • iron polysaccharide
  6. by   Kaiulani

    That explains why I could not find it. I thought I was going crazy or just having a brain fart!!!!!:selfbonk:

    Thanks again!!!!!!