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  1. I am one desperate nursing student. First let me say I want nothing more than to be an RN or LVN, I need someones help. I need to know if anyone out there would be willing to help me improve my clinical logs immediately. I have been getting very poor reviews from my clinical advisor and need help improving my logs. My medication logs and clinical assessment data are alright, not perfect but acceptable, but , my flow chart or concept map(what ever you may call it) are lacking and I am in danger of not getting to nursing II because of this. I really want to improve my logs from this point forward and hope someone will take pity on me and help me get these logs right. I am just not getting the concept , no pun intended , of the concept map. I have this weeks information and want to do the log tonight and then have someone critique it to pieces, rip it up and tear it apart and let me know if

    1) I have the right primary diagnosis for the patient information available
    2) My related to makes sense
    3) My goals and interventions are realistic
    4) And if my evaluations are precise

    My clinical advisor has basically said I have three weeks to change this pattern of 1 out of 5 scores or I won’t be going to nursing II. Needless to say this is heartbreaking, my lecture average is fine, my clinical interaction with patients is excellent and I know I will be an excellent nurse , but , I can’t seem to bring my theory to these clinical logs. Can anyone help me, please. If so please post here or send a private message. I really need your help.
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  3. by   steelcityrn
    I would advise you to visit a book store a.s.a.p and pick up a nursing care plan book. You will have a primary dx there with all interventions and charting you should be doing. If you are doing very well in clinicals, I would think your just trying too hard, and thats what is getting in your way to conquer your problem. If you want, write what you were going to here.
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  4. by   Daytonite
    hi, brick195969, and welcome to allnurses!

    you didn't post any specific information. however, there are several sticky threads on the student forums to help you.
    i answer a lot of care plan questions, but i can't give you specific help without knowing specific information. what, specifically, is wrong with your concept maps? you might want to check out the care map thread i posted above. there are several links to sample care maps that you can look at as well a one or two templates you can download to use. there is also a link to a care map constructor. a care map/concept map is just another physical way of presenting a care plan. if you've got all your assessment data correct (and by this i mean you've pulled out all your abnormal data which are your patient's symptoms), chosen good nursing diagnoses, based your goals and nursing interventions on your abnormal patient assessment data, then the construction of the care map should fall into place. what's is your instructor saying you are doing wrong with your concept maps?