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  1. My school just switch from ati to kaplan.... Its like they give u these two books and nothing basically to do with the test. For example we had a community test. Besides for the practice question. The book did not even have a section for community.. Does that make since? In one week we will be doing Med Surg 1 &2 test. Mind you i did Med Surg October last year. One last thing when you go over the rationale after the test. Everything came out of Med Surg made incredibly easy. ***. Why make us study your book when you dont even use your book. kaplan im really disappointed. Ati was straight forward information right from the book...
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  3. by   Cyoung07
    kaplan is good we have it at our school..and yesit seems like none of the schoola roll it out appropriately...just some hints..you can donwl load both books via mamazon for kindle (which you can do it on ur pc as well) and it is free on amazon just search for it..

    Alos to help you with your test do the FOcus Review test on Pathipysiology, Pharm 1-3, Endocrine, Electrolyte & Fluids..
    these should help you with the emd surge test..obviously you wanna do as many of the focus review test as possible as well as creat your own custom test on the subject matter that is more difficutl for you..
    Also review the rationales and not just memorize the answers..review tha rationales till you understand why the answer is correct and why the other sleections are incorrect..so that if the questions gets twisted you wont..

    Hope this helps..

  4. by   Nursingfem007
    Thank you cyoung07. Actually thats what ive been doing creating my own test for each subject. Trying to understand this and prepare for my nclex now that im down with school.
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  5. by   Nurse Kyles
    My school switched from ATI to Kaplan integrated my last semester. I thought that Kaplan was much better than ATI. The Qbank questions & trainers were invaluable when preparing for the nclex. In the Kaplan nclex review class, our instructor gave us page numbers that would be good to review. That is the main time I used the Kaplan books. My whole class used Kaplan(it was required or we would get an automatic fail), and I don't know of any classmates that failed their boards. To many of us, the Kaplan trainer Qs seemed harder than the actual nclex. In my opinion, Kaplan works (if you use it properly) ie remediate your wrong answers. Good luck!