IV therapy quizzes for LPN students

  1. Hi, I'm in my second semester of LPN and I was wondering if anyone knows of any links to sites that may have practice tests for IV therapy along with complications etc... Thanks!!
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    i don't have any specific web sites for lpns and ivs, but these links have a lot of different iv calculation problems. insofar as complications are concerned you mainly want to know about phlebitis, infiltration, and overhydration. there are so many other little problems that can go wrong in the management of an iv infusion that they are too numerous to mention. basically, think about what you will want to do if the tubing becomes somehow occluded. there are a number of ways that could happen.

    http://www.nursesdrughandbook.com/sa...lculations.cfm - here is a one page quick reference tables from the nursing spectrum drug handbook of conversions and calculations. with this page of tables is information to convert from one unit of measure to another, convert between fahrenheit and celsius, and practical formulas to calculate drug dosages and rates of iv administration. nice resource!

    http://www.accd.edu/sac/nursing/math/mathindex2.html - basic tutorial on getting started with pharmacology math. at the bottom of this home page is a drop down box where you link into any of the following subjects: common conversion factors/equivalencies, common abbreviations, ratio and proportion, iv problems, titration problems, and pediatric pharmacology math.
    http://www.accd.edu/sac/nursing/math/default.html -- the start page of this pharmacology math tutorial presented by the nursing department at the san antonio college. by clicking on the "go figure" button you can access quizzes on basic med calculations, iv, pediatric and ob med calculations. the quizzes all have answers. follow the directions.

    http://home.sc.rr.com/nurdosagecal/ - med calc for nurses from central carolina technical college. explanations and quizzes (with answers) on the following subjects: measurements, conversions, oral dosages, parenteral dosages, iv flow rates, dose by weight, iv push meds, critical care iv's and tube feeding.

    http://www.geocities.com/heartland/v...v/clcltns.html - a quiz of 8 iv calculation questions with pictures and answers. the answers show you exactly how to set up the equations to solve the problems.

    http://www-isu.indstate.edu/mary/tutorial.htm - from the indiana state university a "basics" page on medication math with explanations on how to do a number of different types of medications problems (including iv problems), conversions and dimensional analysis with links to lots of practice quizzes.

    http://classes.kumc.edu/general/ivpu...imulation.html -- this is a cool iv pump simulator from the university of kansas! there are 5 case studies (iv questions) for you to practice on the pump with. follow the instructions on the left side of the page.

    http://go.dbcc.edu/hhps/nursing/nur_...c_nur1213.html - a wonderful site for practice problems with answers on iv calculations from daytona beach community college nursing department. just click on the links provided and knock yourself out!
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    Thanks, Daytonite, for the wonderful links/ resources
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    Thank you Daytonite! Great links!