I need some help or suggestions of a topic to teach to faculty in a Nursing school

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    Hi everyone,
    I need some help in choosing a topic to teach to faculty in a nursing school. This project is for the Bachelors program I'm in. I need to be able to teach the topic in a 30 min presentation. I used to do teaching presentations in the Associates program but it was only to patients. I'm not sure of what will be a good topic for the faculty since I feel they already know so much. I know they don't know everything but if any of you could point me on the right direction I will be so grateful. Thank you again for your time and help.
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  3. by   HouTx
    Is the objective to demonstrate your knowledge about teaching - application of principles & practices? If so, you can teach any old thing... don't limit to nursing. One of the most interesting student 'teaching' mini-lectures I have experienced was on "framing the perfect photograph".. srsly. She went over basic principles and then had us each 'take a picture' by moving a cardboard frame (picture mats that are used inside frames) around on projected images to demonstrate what we had learned. It was Great!! I still remember it whenever I take a picture.

    Get creative and fun. I also had another student teach us about frosting cupcakes.. but it was very complicated to set up and there was a lot of cleanup involved; would not recommend it.
  4. by   nurseprnRN
    They probably don't expect you teach them something new, although I just love HouTx's description of the framing class. They're looking to see how you speak to the group, whether you have engaging overheads, useful handouts, and a good way of explaining things that gets your audience participating. I think the next time somebody asks me to do that I'll give the demo on fire-starting I used to use in Scouts (I can start a fire anywhere, even in the rain) .

    You can "teach" something you learned in one of their classes, even-- most presenters I know (including me) are always looking for better ways to present their material and sometimes attend CE classes on stuff we know well for just that reason. Cruise YouTube for some ideas, or have a bull session with some friends about something they'd like to learn about.
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    They sound like fun ideas and i wish i could do something like that but the teaching has to do with nursing. The teaching project is meant to help us advance in our career goal. It was meant to be done in a work setting but i just graduated last year and I'm not currently working. My previous school is letting me teach there. My career goal is to work in a peds unit and after the BSN get my masters in Pediatrics Nurse Practitioner.
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    To Grntea,
    Thank you are a lifesaver. Your advice helped me look at the assigment from a different point of view. I have an idea of where to start looking and I'm a lot less stressed about it.
  7. by   nurseprnRN
    Cool. How about something with the play therapist/child life therapist about differences in behavior at different ages and how their play therapy helps kids deal c hospitalization? You could have some fun c that-- After explaining, have your "students" divide into groups, have each group be given an age, and then ask them to act out their age; then other groups could suggest appropriate toys/interventions.

    Hint: People always sit with their friends in lectures like this. Have them count off around the room-- "One, two, three, four, five, one two, three, four, five..." Then have all the ones sit together over here, the twos over there, the threes over in that corner... This puts people with new contacts and sometimes they come up c better ideas and learn from each other.
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    Thank you for your help you have been so amazing. I felt so lost before. I will let you know how it goes. Thanks again
  9. by   CC Wisconsin
    I agree with GrnTea, go off of something that you are interested in...it will make the assignment much easier for you and you will be more willing to make it interesting! Even though it seems like nurses and instructors already know everything, no nurse knows everything. Right now I am researching the use of SCDs to prevent DVTs and I am actually learning a lot more than I have ever been told by preceptors or instructors. There's always more to learn and reinforcing information is never a bad thing, either. Good luck