I am looking for a quote from a RN for my project. Please anwer the question below.

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    I have a group project to do and my section is on the power of nursing. I need to define what it means which is in my text book. Then it goes on to say a little bit about personal, professional, and organizational power. The book is written above me. I am not out in the real world of nursing yet. I am still under that nursing student blanket and have not had the chance to experience real world nursing. I keep hearing how it is so much different in the real world. I would guess that includes politics.

    The book says that every nurse has power. I get that part. We have the power to evoke fears in those we care for. We have the power to speak the truth. We have the power to control our time and resources.

    So my question is What does personal power, professional power and orginizational power mean to those of you that are already working in the field and how do you think if effects your patients? I am looking to use some quotes for my presentation. I think it would be great to have asked the question and not have text book answers on what a nurse should think it is. To me personal power is being able to manage my time and have the ability and knowledge to provide care to my patients. To me as a student professional power and hospital power are not something I have the ability to experience yet.

    In out text power is not a negative thing. It is described as the ability to create, get and use resources to achieve one's goals. So no negative talk please.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this.
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    Go to the lab after class on Tuesday and interview one of more of the preceptors.
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    Personal power - using my experience and values to the best of my abilitites
    Professional power - using my license, and the public's trust, to effect outcomes in a patient. I find that people will listen more when they know you are acting/talking professionally
    Organizational power - using my position and work status to accomplish tasks. This also includes knowing who in the organization can help me get what I need to care for my patient. This power stems from knowing the policies, mission and values of the organization.