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I was thinking about purchasing a PDA but I am not sure if I absolutely need one. Do they come in handy? Are there programs that I can purchase for my PDA regarding Nursing? The PDA that I was... Read More

  1. by   PedsNurse322
    I have one since I started the program in the fall, and have yet to use it...
  2. by   carolinapooh
    Quote from MBA2BRN
    Do not worry about "thinking twice" as the above poster just suggested. Not only do the Registered Nurses in my area carry them because they cannot live without them, the nursing students are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED (per our instructors) to purchase them too!
    We had no option. They are required in my program. And I LOVE mine. If they weren't required, I don't think I would have gotten one. And I'd be missing out right about now. Heck, we've had nurses on our floor ask us to look stuff up for them on our PDAs!

    How handy to be able to carry FOUR REFERENCE BOOKS (Taber's, Mosby's drug guide, Mosby's lab values, and Mosby's Nursing Dx) and a multipurpose calculator (Archimedes - it has EVERYTHING you could possibly need on it) in your pocket, and literally have all that in your hand in a second or two!?!!!
  3. by   carolinapooh
    Quote from West_Coast_Ken
    It's hard to know what they (you) were discussing, but Palm PDAs are 100% compatible right out of the box with both Windows & Macintosh PCs and they have been for years. Nothing else needed--period.
    While I will say I don't have as many freeware programs at my disposal b/c I have a PocketPC, I do know that, based on my classmates' problems, I have fewer compatibility issues b/c I have a PocketPC. They're always talking about some issue or another with their Palms and their PCs. I have enough to worry about, so when I had to get a PDA, I got a PocketPC (my husband also recommended I stay away from Palm based on problems his company had b/f he got fed up and bought a PocketPC himself). Haven't looked back and wouldn't want anything else.

    I also didn't have to learn graffiti (my HP 2795 has straight recognition software - I just write as usual) or a sometimes odd filing system (I just use regular Word, Excel, and PowerPoint - my classmates have problems with Docs to Go, or whatever that Palm equivalent is called). I do have to beam our clinical stuff to my CI's Palm as .txt docs, but that's the only "snag" so far.

    You couldn't pay me to have a Palm. And experience has taught me "right out of the box" isn't always reliable OR accurate. Like most things, it just "depends" - they're SUPPOSED to work, but they don't always.

    But then again, isn't this just a "Mac/PC" preference sort of argument?
  4. by   busog
    iam confused
  5. by   brandi29
    Im a nursing student & were required to buy a PDA for out school. We get our tabers dictionary, davis drug guide, diseases & disorders, and some jornals through

    truthfully if we didnt have to buy them i wouldnt. I never use mine unless im bored in class and look stuff up i would say if you already have the books dont waste the money. But some people love them. Just telling you my opinion