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  1. ok so I am doing a teaching plan on activity intolerance related to CHF. so i need some web resources or journals or something to give me some resources if someone could please help!??!?!?!?!?!?!
    My frustration and stress level is through the roof..... is it May yet?????
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    hi, tmahler!

    your assessment of the patient's ability to perform his adls is really what is going to drive your teaching presentation. so, issues such as eating, elimination, walking and moving around (and breathing problems accompanying that), hygiene, sleeping and safety issues are things you need to look at. go for the basics here first. that's what nurses do. if the patient has a lot of debilitation because of breathing problems, obesity or cardiac related problems then his activities need to be adjusted and slowed down to accommodate that. frequent rest periods are probably going to necessary. the patient may also need a simple course in chf. you can get ideas for how to approach that from medline plus at the medline plus site is specifically to educate the general public. here is a nice tutorial on congestive heart failure that i found on their website. you can find more information about chf on their website by using the search box and putting "congestive heart failure" in and searching. - a cna posted this thread not too long ago looking for help with a project she was doing on care for a multiple sclerosis patient. what prompted me to post it and ask you to look at it was some of the links i had found and posted there in my reply to her thread. i found a couple of sites that specifically addressed adl issues with handicapped people (dressing and walking). there were more sites to explore, but i was having problems getting dumped off the telephone line that particular day (i only have a dial up connection) so i ended up just posting the medline plus list of links where i was getting these sites from. might be worth checking these out if your patient is debilitated enough to need a lot of physical help with his adls even though some of this information was for a ms patient. some of the information i was finding was very generic and applied to people who had problems with mobility--period. - this is the page on the nursing diagnosis for activity intolerance from the online care plan constructor that accompanies nursing care plans: nursing diagnosis and intervention, 5th edition, by gulanick, myers, klopp, galanes, gradishar and puzas. if you scroll down to the bottom of the page you will find a list of subjects to educate a patient with this diagnosis. i'm sure some of them will be appropriate for your patient. at the least, it should give you some ideas. - this is the activity intolerance nursing diagnosis page from the ackley and ladwig's online care plan constructor that accompanies their book nursing diagnosis handbook: a guide to planning care, 6th edition. you will also find client/family teaching at the bottom of the page. teaching suggestions are also scattered throughout all the nursing interventions as well, so you probably should give them a good read through as well.
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    thank u!!!!!!!