help with injections?

  1. hey everyone!!! how do i know what size needle for im injections?
    my instructor told me that i should know this information before
    i go to give meds with her. someone please review steps with me for im, subcutaneous, and insulin injections. i would appreciate something i could put on a card and take to clinicals. thanks a million!!!!!!!!!!!:spin: :spin: :spin: :spin:
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  3. by   Daytonite
    i went through all the links i have filed on injections and these is what i was able to pull out. i was able to verify that the last link to the mayo clinic diabetes center is valid and that the "how to inject insulin" video does load up just fine. i haven't been able to verify that all the other links are still active because i am having trouble staying connected the the internet at this time (the problem of not being able to get dsl service). don't be surprised if some of these schools have denied the public access to these sites. hope you are doing betting in your nursing program. - index of video lectures on nursing procedures. iv piggyback meds, trach cleaning, catheters, injections, starting ivs, and ng tube insertion. - basic clinical skills. includes vital signs, bls, cardiovascular skills, respiratory skills, injection techniques, examinations of rectum, pelvis, breast and eye, iv cannulation, local anesthesia and suturing. from flinders school of medicine, bedford park, south australia. - im injection sites - im injection sites - a picture of z-track injection and what happens to the medication in the tissue after the injection - medication administration cards that you can print out on the principles and technique of preparing an injection. includes photographs. from blessing-rieman college of nursing. - the principles and technique of administering an intramuscular injection. includes information on how to sight the various points of injections, patient positioning and the z-track technique. - the principles and technique of administering a subcutaneous injection - im injection technique step by step procedure from austin community college nursing program. - sq injection technique step by step procedure from austin community college nursing program. - injection equipment and techniques: im injections. includes short discussion on needles, gauge, length and bevel, syringes and sizes (shows pictures of difference between regular and leur lock tips), what a carpuject and tubex cartridge looks like, how to draw up solutions from an ampule or a vial, im, subq, intradermal and z-track injection techniques as well as the im injection sites. - from harrisburg area community college more videos of nursing procedures. this site includes links to videos on bandaging, bedmaking, enemas, iv therapy, medication administration (most all routes of administration are addressed), ng tubes, nursing skills (sterile gloving and dressing, dressing change, straight catheterization, indwelling catheter and rom), physical assessment and positioning - very nicely arranged tables of diabetic medications that includes dose, actions and precautions. also a table that summarizes the insulins and their onset of action, peak action and duration. - diabetes center pages on the mayo clinic website with the video "how to inject insulin" ( which includes a written transcript as well as the video which you can watch (need windows media player to view).