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Hi everyone, I'm in A&P right now and we have our first lab practical coming up, and it's on histology. We have to distinguish between simple squamous epithelial, stratified cuboidal, etc. and the... Read More

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    No problem! I hope they help! Good luck!!
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    This may be totally off base - but between the first post and now I had to go get contacts... it has made a HUGE difference in how I am able to view slides. I'm a little bit older and I knew I needed reading glasses. Going between the board and my book was just horrible, so I went and got contacts. BUT - it made an immediate difference in how I could see. I would take my glasses off before looking into the microscope (because I really only needed them for reading - or so I thought). What I found is that my eyes weren't focusing properly. Hard to explain but contacts fixed it - reading glasses may have fixed it if I would have actually left them on to look through the scope. I really thought I just couldn't figure out how to focus but it turns out my eyes were actually the problem. I don't have much of a prescription either - but for me it really made a difference. Now I realize that I DID know how to focus the scope