Help with Clinical homework: about trauma patients - page 2

Hi, we have a homework for our clinicals, and our instructor gave us this scenario and asked us to answer several questions: If there is a trauma patient who has not voided for almost 6-8 hours what... Read More

  1. by   Leng27RN,BSN
    I have no more information other than a spinal cord injury patient who has not voided for 6-8 hrs, which is a medical emergency, and my instructor is asking what kind of medical emergency is that? and what to do with the patient. AD is a complication of a spinal cord injury. I am confused right now.please help. Thanks.
  2. by   augigi
    That would definitely not be my firstline answer. Given a case history about a "trauma" patient, I'd immediately go for hypovolaemia related to traumatic injury and volume depletion. Treatment being fluid resus and IDC to assess. Spinal injury is a very specific injury which would go along with other signs and symptoms, all of which would be more apparent on initial assessment than lack of voiding.