HELP!!!! Please look here and help.

  1. Hi all. I drove to Pearson Vue yesterday for a 9 am LPN Nclex test. I tested and it shut off at 85. I know I got so many wrong and some things I had never seen before. I got no pharm calc and a bunch of drugs we never studied. I even got some wrong I knew the answer too but already made the wrong choice and couldn't change! I am pretty sure I failed except....I read everyone feels they failed and everyone gets about 50% wrong! The lady at Pearson Vue said, "see you in a year for the Rn test when I was leaving....maybe I am pathetic (and I am!) but, do they see the results? It seems odd they could administer the entire test without seeing the end result. What does anyone know about this? Also, I took the test at 9 am on a FRIDAy and so far, nothing posted today. Tommorrow is Sunday and Monday is Martin Luther King Day...I don't think I can wait until Tuesday!!!! Any thoughts? Does anyone know if the scores ever post on a Sunday???
    Thanks, and anyone else test on Friday?????
    Happy Weekend.....RN classes start Tuesday, I am hoping to have this part behind me!!
    Thanks, please respond!!
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  3. by   Jules A
    Of course there is no way to know for sure but my gut would say you are fine. FWIW it seems that most people that shut off at the minimum number of questions do pass. I passed at 85 with no math and all my classmates that got the min passed also. I'm pretty sure the test adms don't have a clue as to whether you passed. I'd say congratulations are in order. Jules
    P.S. Lets both make a mental note never to test over a weekend or holiday, lol.
  4. by   rags
    I actually took the NCLEX 3 times. The first time I failed I had the max number of questions. Second time minum 75 and failed again. The 3rd and final time I again had only 75 and finally passed. I think I am a true testement that the whole thing is completely unpredictable. I DO know though that if the questioned all seemed HARD then your chances of passing are better because you have to get the difficult questions right in order to pass and you don't even get them if you are missing the moderate or easy ones.

    ~ Side note... on my second attempt the questions seemed much easier and I felt good when I left. Apparently the Exam is not designed for a person to feel "good" when they are done and that actually is a "bad" thing... so I was told

    Good luck and be sure to let us know when you hear something (if you haven't already since it is now the 16th).