HELP?? Pediatrics Ileitis, Pancreatitis, Negative for Crohn's

  1. I am a nursing student who is writing a case study for a patient. It is a group project. Unfortunately, I was at a separate location for clinicals when our pediatric patient was assessed. I am brainstorming the connection between ileitis,pancreatits, and all negative tests for Crohn's Disease. I was told the patient is 16 years old and is approximately 200+ lbs. I would greatly appreciate any input or ideas for the patient's disease process! Please and Thank you!
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  3. by   classicdame
    you need more history. How did the patient develop an ileus? That is usually due to excess pressure or anatomical issues. Is the pancreatitis chronic or secondary to another problem? Has the patient had abdominal surgery in the past? That can result in an ileus. I am suspicious that there is either an anatomical or genetic situation, but really no data to support anything. Remember, people with pancreatitis usually develop hyperglycemia.
  4. by   Esme12
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    We are happy to help with homework but we won't do it for you. What do you think? What have you discovered? There isn't enough information here. What was she admitted for? What were her main C/O? What is her medical history? What co-morbidities exist? Is there any family history? What tests were done? What are the results? What were the labs? What meds is she on? Where is her pain? Does she have Diarrhea? How is her Appetite?

    What is the assessment?
  5. by   morte
    Oy! You need a copy of the assessment! gender is improtant here, is this a 6'2" male football player, or a short, obese female, etc.