Help! How do I write a health promotion care plan?

  1. I'm a first year nursing student, and I am trying to figure out how to write a well nursing diagnosis? It is for a well elderly interview, and my interviewee has atrial fibrillation that is controlled by a pacemaker but it is under control, and has high blood pressure that is also monitored and under control as well, he still works, but was retired from NASA, and has nothing really wrong with him, he still drives, doesn't use a walker or cane, and is in pretty much good shape. I need to figure out the best way and the best direction to lean towards. I am seriously drawing a blank here and I just can't seem to figure out where to start!
    I am just trying to figure this out, this is only my second care plan and I heard they take a while to get used to!
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    Care plans are all about the assessment.......a wellness diagnosis is one that you develop that can improve this patients life and well being.

    Wellness diagnosis—a clinical judgment indicating a healthy response of a client who desires a higher level of wellness.

    One Part Statements (P)—used for wellness nursing diagnoses
    What in your assessment do you see he might need to stay healthy?

    Look at your patient, what meds are they on? Why does he use a cane? What in his enviorment could harm him...what sould he do to prevent falls? How os his diet? Is he on anticoagulants?

    Tell me about your patient