1. Hey everyone! I got an assignment on Arthroscopy, which requires its pre, intra and post procedural nursing care. Also, other nursing consideration and patient/family education. I would love if you could assist me I have been digging for information but it seems hopeless. Thanks a lot!!
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  3. by   GingerSue
    this is what my book says about arthroscopy and nursing responsibility:
    "study involves insertion of arthroscopy into joint (usually knee) for visualization of structure and contents. It can be used for exploratory surgery (removal of loose bodies and biopsy) and for diagnosis of abnormalities of meniscus, articular cartilage, ligaments, orjoint capsule. Other structures that can be visualized through the arthroscope include the shoulder, elbow, wrist, jaw, hip, and ankle.

    Inform the client that procedure is performed in operating room with strict asepsis and that either local or general anaesthesia is used. After procedure, cover wound with sterile dressing.

    A small fiber-optic tube called an arthroscope is used to directly examine the interior of a joint cavity in a procedure known as arthroscopy. Arthroscopy is perfomred under sterile conditoins. After anaesthesia has been administered, a large-bore needle is inserted into the joint, and the joint is distended with fluid or air. When the arthroscope is inserted, the surgeon is able to perform extensive, accurate visualization of the joint cavity. Photographs or videotapes can be made through the scope, and a biopsy of the synovium or cartilage can be obtained. Torn tissue can be repaired through arthroscopic surgery, eliminating the need for a larger incision and greatly decreasing the recovery time. Typically perfomed as an outpatient procedure, arthroscopy is a highly cost-effective diagnostic tiest that is usually done on an ambulatory basis.

    This is from the chapter on "Musculoskeletal System"
  4. by   Daytonite
    look in your textbooks on the general care of a surgical patient for most of this information. then, you add to it what is specifically done for an arthroscopy.

    i am listing links from sites that provide information for the general public. you will have to extract from that, the information that you are looking for.