1. We have to do a form in our care plans called Havinghurst. It has to do with asking personal questions of our client. I asked some easy questions today like marital status, kids, ect., but this form has questions like: "How are you adjusting to retirement and decreased income?" and "How are you meeting social and civic obligations?" or "Are you establishing satisfactory living condictions?" I mean come on, we're working in a nursing home right now and most of the patients are barely meeting the basic needs. Should I ask these questions anyway and note "no reply" or "I don't know" or just don't ask some of them? I mean, I would'nt even want to be asked some of these...
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  3. by   Daytonite
    What I would do is re-word the questions a little and ask, "How did you adjust to retirement?" or "Tell me what it what like for you when you retired. Was it difficult to adjust?" Got the idea? Use some creativity.

    You are going to have to ask and do a lot of things with patients that you wouldn't want asked or done to you. That doesn't mean you don't do them. This isn't about you, it's about the patient. Focus on why you are doing these things. You are making an assessment of the patient. Any data you collect is important. You never know when it will become a determining factor for some treatment. You are also learning how to speak with and interact with patients here. Like Jodie Foster in Contact, baby steps, Medsport, baby steps.
  4. by   veratn
    Thank you for the insight. Very wise response. Experience, experience....