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I was having a conversation today with some girls with whom I'll be starting nursing school. One of them has 'lots of friends' in nursing school who have stated they would have been 'dead' if they... Read More

  1. by   DDRN4me
    It really depends on the class. I always studied myself, but joined a study group for the fundamentals and tougher classes. we were very organized ...met without fail at the same time each week, rotated houses so we didnt have to worry about getting kicked out or being too noisey at the library Each chapter was divided into small sections and we were responsible for presenting notes and an explanation to the group..some times visuals , movies that applied etc. i honestly dont think i would have made it thru without the support of that group..both knowledge and emotional support were essential. we all passed the boards with out a problem and have great careers since then. good luck whatever you decide!:caduceus: