Good website for learning procedures please?

  1. Like chest tubes, ventilators, trach care, etc? Thank you
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  3. by   Daytonite
    i haven't had a chance to verify that all the links for trachs and trach care still work. sorry.

    chest tubes - 25 questions about chest tubes with answers and pictures! you'll be an expert after reading this webarticle. - care of the patient with chest tubes - a very nice explanation of chest tubes and how they work - underwater seal drainage (this is from an australian nursing manual)

    ventilators - vents and agbs - ventilation tutorial: "an introduction to mechanical ventilation" - critical care medicine: mechanical ventilation introduction. click arrows at bottom of page to move through the tutorial - the patient receiving ventilatory assistance - ventilator emergency - airway management: what every medical student should know

    trachs and trach care - aaron's tracheostomy page. everything you want to know about tracheostomies and trach care. lots of pictures and explanations. scroll down the page and you will find links. go to the site map and you will find links to respiratory surgical procedures, many of which are videos. - this is the tracheostomy standard of care requirement for north carolina nurse aide ii teaching module. - tracheostomy care. good pictures. includes links to videos of trach care. - skills checklists from taylor's fundamentals of nursing. includes listings of the steps involved in all kinds of basic nursing procedures including medication administration (im, iv, drawing from a vial), preop and postop care, wound care, how to do range of motion, ng tube insertion and removal, blood sugar fingerstick, colostomy care, trach care, suctioning and blood transfusion. - index of video lectures on nursing procedures. iv piggyback meds, trach cleaning, catheters, injections, starting ivs, and ng tube insertion. - care of the patient with a tracheostomy. includes complications in early and late stages, causes of them and prevention. - care of the child with a chronic tracheostomy. at this same site is a short discussion on complications of tracheostomies that will give you an idea of some of the problems that may be encountered even though it is talking about pediatric patients. - percutaneous tracheostomy. includes pictures of the anatomy and description of the insertion of the tracheostomy. - patient teaching literature on tracheostomy from jewish hospital & st. mary's healthcare in louisville, ky - gateway to teaching materials presented online by the american thoracic society. here is a listing of links to their patient education materials . lot of information on copd, the child with a chronic tracheostomy and information about the icu experience. - suctioning a patient with a tracheostomy tube - tracheostomy dressing
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    You ROCK Daytonite!!!:wink2:
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    hi! do you have new links on these? i tried some of them and the files are not found anymore on those links. thanks!