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    Can anybody pleaseeeee tell me where i can find a detailed website with ECG interpretations?

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  3. by   Daytonite
    the websites listed on post #39 of this sticky thread: Any Good IV Therapy or Nursing Procedure Web Sites - any good iv therapy or nursing procedure web sites will help you learn how to read and interpret ekgs.
  4. by   buttercup99
    You can also find great explanations on this thread including a list of websites from Daytonite.
    any EKG reading tips?
  5. by   MesaRN
    The web can help, but check out the library. Depending on the level of interpretation expected of you, EKGs need to be measured. A book allows you can read them with the proper grids in place. I highly recommend Basic Arrhythmias by Gail Walraven. Inter-library loan is an option as well.

    The web is great is you just want examples of Afib, Vtach, and such, but if your struggling a good EKG good will do more for you than the web.
  6. by   Katers*
    Hey there,

    If you go to Notes on ICU Nursing and click on Arryhthmia Review, there is a really good, detailed attachment on all the different arrhythmia's.

    Hope this helps.
  7. by   crb613
    Rapid Interpretation of EKG's, Sixth Edition by Dale Dubin.. I got this book & it is a wonderful way to learn & understand won't regret it.