does this make sense??(HELP)

  1. pschosocial assessment

    nursing diagnosis: effective process of role transition r/t
    -acceptance of new role
    - acquirement of new knowledge

    goal: ct will maintain effective process a/e/b
    -responding to babys cues(hunger,crying)
    - voicing positive feelings and concerns about baby
    - continuing to gain new knowledge

    nuring intervention:
    - assist pt in identifying personal strenghts
    - develop a plan of care with patient that identifies coping strategies
    -encourage to voice feelings/concerns about role transition(change)

    a little background information: pt is a first time mother
    she is 25 years old and married

    does this make any sense? any feedback for improvement would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   Daytonite
    for goals, how about:
    • verbalize an increasing sense of competence in correctly responding to the baby's cues for food and diaper changes
    • patient will report that she is not feeling overwhelmed by her baby's needs
    • patient reports that she is using resources or others to help her learn her new role and gain new knowledge of infant care
    for nursing interventions, how about:
    • allow the patient to cry and express her concern freely
    • have the patient identity and discuss her strengths. avoid criticism.
    • assist patient in how to identify the way a baby expresses their need for something
    • make an assessment of patient's ways of coping with frustrating situations
    • help the patient list positive ways to cope with her stress when the baby cries and she feels frustrated
    • encourage patient to come up with creative solutions
    • recommend written resources about newborn care, parenting classes, or a new parent support group
    if you decide to use "develop a plan of care with patient that identifies coping strategies" as a nursing intervention, i would change those words i highlighted in red. it sounds too much like what you are doing which is making a care plan. better to say something like "make a list" or "have patient identify and list".
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    Thank you VERY much..
  5. by   CMCRN
    Nursing intervention, find something, anything, you can praise her for doing well to begin to increase her self esteem in her new role as a mother, even as small as, see how she looks at you, she seems to recognize your voice.