Diuretics in Pulmonary Oedema

  1. Hi all,
    Unsure where exactly to put this question feel free to move please!

    I am currently working on a case study where my "patient" has new finding of Pulmonary Oedema - not reason for admission. I am required to discuss interventions that I would anticipate to manage and treat the Pulmonary Oedema and I am finding it hard to get any sourceable guidelines or journal to assist with my rational for her treatment.

    I am finding that medication wise generally treatment consists of Diuretics to remove the excess fluid. However the patient has been hypotensive and received several IV boluses to maintain her MAP above 65 mmHg. Therefor I would assume diuretic would be contraindicated as it will drop her BP even further..

    Am I correct to assume this?
    And do any experiences nurses have suggestions on treatment and/or or good Australian guidelines to follow.

    PS. I have gone down the O2 therapy to maintain SpO2, just trying to find appropriate pharmacological treatment.

    Any help is much appreciated.
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  3. by   Rose_Queen
    Other than a bolus of fluid to compensate for a low BP, what are other options? What is the risk of not giving the diuretic compared to giving it to improve the pulmonary edema?
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