Differneces between an ER tech and an ER nurse

  1. Hi everyone, I just had a random question. My best friend who was a cna for 6 months got a job as an ER tech. Im a nursing student right now. She always talks about the things that she does ekg's blood, ect. She "claims" that she does more than the nurses. This really bothers me because she's kind of talking about it like she's better. So i want to know what the differneces were. I know there are a lot, but just to name a few would be helpful. Maybe to give her insight on what she doesn't know and what she's missing out on!! Thanks everyone! :wink2:
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  3. by   sunshineonleith
    i'm a nursing student and an ER tech right now. its true that tech's do a lot of things that on any other floor, a nurse might do. but to me, the huge difference between techs and RN's is this:


    a tech might do the 'technical' procedure, like put in a foley or get an ekg, but the nurse, he/she knows why that procedure may be needed, may recommend it to the doc, can assess prior to/after the procedure, and then incorporate all of that into the overall picture of the patient's condition and go on from there. a good tech may pick up on some of this and communicate (as appropriate) with the nurse, but it is not in their scope of practice to do so. they are the "hands" for the "brains" of the nurse.

    i should also add that where your friend comes off as thinking she's "better" than the nurses: just like cnas and nurses, both must do their jobs WELL for the best patient care.
  4. by   AnnieOaklyRN
    Techs are CNA's that may draw blood, do CBS, help with minor things like dressings, transport patients that are very stable and that do not require cardiac monitoring. They do not by any means do more than nurses!

    Nurses assess the patient, provide treatments, and administer medications, start IV's etc..