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  1. by   thebear
    What a great forum! I am currently having the same trouble as Carla25, not knowing what to do my assignment on. And hey presto I googled issues in nursing today and I found this. I now have plenty of potential topics, the only problem is picking one.
    Thank you everyone for the great ideas, and thanks to Carla25 for asking the question!
  2. by   crazycat0311
    staffing!!!!! We need to lower the nurse/patient ratio...
  3. by   whitecd2000
    Scattycarrot, You present an interesting question regarding the types of people drawn to nursing. I never doubted that people are drawn because they want to serve others (for the most part, anyway), but do we, as nurses, set aside our own needs to provide care? And, more importantly, do others in the health care professions see the same thing and exploit this virtue? It wasn't until recently that I began looking out for myself first and now I feel more secure and confident; and not so hurried or opressed.
    I think your comments would make for an excellent research project.
  4. by   traumaRUs
    Will move to student nursing assistance forum.
  5. by   Ayvah
    As was mentioned earlier, the nurse to patient ratio is a critical issue which affects many of the other issues like nurse retention. Nurse to patient ratio is directly related to patient death rates in hospitals. Its an issue which affects all nurses and all patients. Even if you don't decide to do your paper on it, I'd encourage you to research the issue for yourself. It has far reaching consequences. The California system with legally mandated ratios is a model that hopefully the rest of the states will one day follow.
  6. by   enchantmentdis
    Here's an idea: Why hospitals have high nursing turnover rates or how can management make nurses feel they are respected and needed when money is managements main concern? You will find a dearth of info on this if you read any posts by nurses unhappy with their profession.