Craft ideas for the elderly

  1. Hi everyone!

    I have an offsite assignment at an adult day care center for the elderly and I was wondering if any of you have any easy and inexpensive craft ideas that I can do. I thought of fingerpaints, but I'm thinking now this might be expensive. Any help would be greatly appreciated - Thanks
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  3. by   Rohan
    Do you have a Michael's near you? They have tons of inexpensive crafts.
  4. by   romie
    Google the Oriental Trading company. They have little inexpensive craft kits- usually as little as 4.95 for 12 kits. That is less than .50 per person! My experience as an activity director is that the more alert and oriented elderly people enjoy making little necklaces and bracelets more than anything else, although the small peices are a bad idea for people with dementia-- risk of choking.
  5. by   J'sGirl82
    I'm sure somebody had to have said, nothing with small pieces right ? Yes it's a choking hazard, but the reality of it is, these aren't children, and more importantly, many have arthritis, or contracture, or paralysis of some sort. Last week, at my PT job, they made some wreaths of some sort, which the ladies loved!!!! The men enjoy minor wood working projects. ( Nothing extravagent). I think they made some simple jewlery boxes, and then used water-based paints. ( It stunk all the same). A LOT of my residents, male and female alike, enjoy Book Clubs and Discussions. Just food for thought, I hope I've helped you in time !
  6. by   SuesquatchRN
    Fingerpaints? What are they, 4?

    Pick up big crochet hooks and bright thick yarn in super-size skeins. The ladies can make quick and easy scarves. Pardon the sexism, but the guys ain't gonna wanna crochet.

    There are lots of simple birdhouse kits and stuff for the guys. Wal*Mart, Michael's, JoAnns.
  7. by   Furniture_man
    This thread is kind of old, but I thought I'ld throw in my 2 cents since it is relavent for me at the moment.


    My mom has dementia, she's in her early 70's. She likes to fiddle with things, but can never seem to figure things out.

    Since Christmas is coming up, I figured she might be able to do some simple crafts to keep her occupied.

    Decorating the tree is out of the question because she'll just make a mess of it, and god help us if she puts the lights up because she'll just forget and leave them on (creating a fire hazard, YIKES!!!).

    So, I figured a dry flower arangement would be a good start. First see if she can handle arranging a bouque, then maybe move up to making a wreath for Christmas (...the closest substitute for a tree that I could think of).

    I'm still looking for other ideas, though. In fact, that's how I found this site, and this thread.
  8. by   SuesquatchRN
    Furniture man, simple puzzles, 100 pieces or so, might keep her occupied. Not a small child's puzzles, but not the super difficult ones, either.

    Pictures of puppies, trees, but with a lot of obvious differences - nothing with changes in the pieces that will be frustratingly subtle.

    Does that make sense?
  9. by   michigansstudent
    we have a group of older ladies that make little blankets for the babies that get hospitalized. They are fuzzy on one side and silky on the other. they do a simple in out stitch around the sides and call it a day. The kids really love them and i think the ladies enjoy the comforting, charitable idea.

    We had one little guy, 2 yo, who had a fractured femur that went through three of them while he was inpatient. He would rub the silk right off. Very cute!