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  1. I need to make an integrated concept map concentrating on the pathophysiology and I'm really stuck! My last one didn't contain enough information, I tried to do it on a triple AAA. Can anyone give me any advice or websites that may help!! PLEASE!!!..Thanks ; )
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  3. by   Daytonite
    hi, ksmullen17!

    here is information on concept mapping: - this is a nice explanation about what concept mapping is with an example of what one looks like and how it is put together. - there are several student samples of concept maps that you can look at on this thread to give you an idea of how to do a concept map

    a concept map is merely a pictorial representation of a care plan. you still follow the steps of the nursing process in putting all the parts of it together. if you are not dealing with a real patient, then you have to look up information on the medical disease that the patient has. the signs and symptoms of the medical disease then become the signs and symptoms you will use to form your nursing diagnoses. they take the place of the assessment data you would normally collect from a real patient. the pathophysiology is no different for a nurse on a nursing care plan than it is for a medical student who is learning about the same disease. here are some websites you can use to find information about the pathophysiology, symptoms and medical treatment of diseases:

    family practice notebook
    medline plus
    cleveland clinic disease management project
    encyclopedia of surgery

    see you on the forums! welcome to allnurses!
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    Thanks So Much...big Help!!! ; )
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    Our concept maps and careplans are very different from the ones that I have seen posted. We spend 2025 hours a week to do our care plans and concept maps. OUr concept maps are two pages. One for the patho of the disease and the second for the signs and symptoms along with the general medical plan of treatment.