CBC & electrolytes "grid"

  1. At clinical this past weekend, our professor had various CBC and electrolyte lab values written in a unusual grid configuration. It looked the capital letter "Y" -tipped to the left with a line through it (kinda like this:>-+-)and a second that looked like >--< (but a solid line connecting the "arrow heads"). She said this was how doctors wrote out lab values. Anybody know what this is/ what it's called, what values are included and/ or the significance?


    P.S. I've asked her twice and she said that she would explain later, but I think that at the end of our busy clinic days she'd forgotten and I don't want to ask a third time...
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  3. by   Luvelyone
    i've seen it done, but i don't understand or know how to read it either. i'll be interested in the answer.
  4. by   Daytonite
    This was discussed on an earlier thread this year called "Fish Scales"! Here is a link to it that has weblinks to an explanation of how these grids are arranged for electrolytes and CBC and what lab result goes into each position on the "fish scale"! Both internet links are still active (I just re-checked them).
  5. by   richardjboro1
    that "fish scale" will be very helpful in getting my "preplan" the night before clinical! wow.
  6. by   Wave
    Once again, Daytonite, I am indebted to you for your wonderful assistance. I had no idea what to call it, let alone how to set it up/ use it. Thanks and thanks again.