Can you help me to define wellness? Please I don't really like my definition can you

  1. please help me? Here is my definition...............

    Wellness....................Total overall well being?

    Please help me, I am so struggling......................

    and really frustrated.

    Thank you for any feedback you give me
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    wellness - it's multidimensional, ie it takes in:
    1. physical condition
    2. basic needs
    3. cognitive function
    4. psychological - eg identity, perception of worth, sense of meaning in life
    5. support networks - family, self help, professional help networks, friends and colleagues,
    6. economic concerns - are basic needs being met?
    7. quality of relationships with others - both as perceived by oneself, as well as perceived by others
    8. cultural factors

    I figure a person can be physically unwell, such as a long term illness, but if they have good support networks, are economically stable, and basically feel they can control their situation realistically, then the other aspects can make them well enough to be discharged from an acute setting, with appropriate supports.

    For example, I know of a gentleman, who has now passed away, who had CCF plus multiple comorbidities. But he was well enough to be discharged from an acute setting with home oxygen, support of community nurses, some specialists, to help with showering and other ADLs, as well as financial assistance through our social security system. He lived by himself, but the house was on the ground floor, close to the hospital, the occupational therapists had ensured that it had been adjusted to service his needs (eg rails, enlarged bathroom, ramp etc}, and he was actually able to live by himself. He was able to call for help at any time by use of a 'vital call' system worn around his neck and also in each room. Other allied health workers obviously had input as well. He was able to get around short distances on one of those "gophers" with his oxygen bottle in the back. He was a rough and ready bloke and had plenty of long term mates.

    As such, it is a continuum. You aren't just well, you aren't just unwell.

    Does that help? Check out some of the nursing theorists, Maslows theory (an oldie but a goodie - though sometimes a bit airy fairy). Some psych texts can be useful too. In fact most nursing books look at things from an wholistic viewpoint.
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