Can someone help me with proofreading my care plan? - page 2

I finished the care plan, just was wondering if someone can proofread. Also, I need a deadline...I'm never good at that part. Please help Care plan Problem statement: Ineffective Tissue... Read More

  1. by   crb613
    Why not include it as per order/as prescribed ect.You do need to look at these to know what's going on & you do need to monitor. Also what about the other team members....consults w/dietary/PT ect.
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  2. by   meownsmile
    But Janine,, the meds are ordered by the doctor, but it is within the nurses scope of practice to teach regarding meds and how those meds affect their health and care while in the hospital. If they arent letting you use meds in your interventions as written by the doctor they are missing a whole aspect of the nursing practice.

    If someone is admitted for a blood transfusion and anemia and they are on daily lasix, that should tell you the patient probly is being treated for CHF which while getting the transfusion you would monitor for, such as I&O, decreased salt intake. You would teach foods high in salt content, signs and symptoms of CHF to report , SOB, dependant edema. Iron as a supplement to prevent anemia and what foods can be eaten with increased iron content, warn patients of black stools while on iron, stomach upset with iron administration. ETC...

    If they arent having you include meds with your careplans,, boy do i wish i had your instructor. We got ours back to redo if we didnt include meds and how they pertained to the patients care.